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时间:November 12, 2020

At 8:30 am on December 30, 2019, with the departure of train G8811 from Beijing North Railway Station, the world's first intelligent high-speed railway - Beijing-Zhang high-speed Railway was officially opened。Smart Jingzhang everywhere shows "intelligence", whether it is a pass on the platform, or the intelligent brain in the integrated control background unified and efficient scheduling management;Whether it is the safety protection of the world's leading Lidar, or a variety of humanized and intelligent functions on the train, none of them reflects the intelligence of the world's first-class high-speed rail。

As the leader of integrated communication technology, Geektong and its parent company Zhongrui are also fortunate to participate in it, and provide their own strength to protect the Beijing-Zhang intelligent high-speed rail。

一. 全站互联,全网互通——客站无线通信系统方案

As an important communication channel for Jing Zhang's intelligent brain,We aim at the unified intelligent scheduling of Beijing-Zhang high-speed railway,As well as the needs of large station management and small station, the passenger station wireless communication system scheme has been tailored for smart Beijing Zhang,The program is divided into three independent centers based on site management,They are Beijing North Station, Qinghe Station (Badaling Station, Changping Station, Yanqing Station), Zhangjiakou Station (Donghuayuanbei Station, Huailai Station, Xiaxuanbei Station, Yihua North Station, Taizicheng Station)。

The system mainly completes the wireless communication coverage of the passenger station, and connects to the regional system center through IP network。The core of the system SimpleTRBO public network converged dispatching console and dispatching system are the latest research and development achievements of Geektong, a subsidiary company of Zhongruite,It not only provides voice scheduling, personnel management, traffic analysis, recording management and relay status monitoring for users,Moreover, it also realizes the integrated call and unified system recording function of DMR digital walkie-talkie, public network walkie-talkie and analog walkie-talkie,It provides users with a powerful and easy to use new generation scheduling management mode。

Second, safety first, intelligence priority - platform gap intelligent detection solution

At the same time, at Badaling Great Wall Station, the platform gap intelligent detection solution brought by Geektong also provides help to ensure the operation of the intelligent Beijing-Zhang high-speed rail。As we all know, in the operation of high-speed rail, ensuring the safety of lines, locomotives and personnel is the top priority of high-speed rail operation。 However, at present, the platform of high-speed rail is still long, and the staff carries out manual monitoring. In the face of increasing passenger flow, it is difficult to achieve effective management, and there are hidden dangers in traffic safety。

In view of this,Geekpass launched the platform gap intelligent detection solution,The scheme uses 3D LiDAR to detect the platform gap intelligently,When the screen door is closed,The system receives the status information about the screen door,If there are foreign objects such as passengers or suitcases staying on the platform board inside the screen door,The radar will immediately identify the location of the passenger or foreign object and communicate it to the system,The system will immediately give an early warning and notify the relevant staff to deal with it in time。

Lidar scanning surface diagram

System running background

In this system, Geekpass applied a new generation of 3D laser radar, which has high scanning resolution, long detection distance and strong anti-interference ability。Through the space detection between the screen door and the train door, there is no detection blind area, the detection distance is far, and the position information can be accurately detected with high reliability。The radar light source is invisible light, which meets the requirements of national standards and will not cause harm to the human body。

Lidar installation diagram

A hundred years ago,Jeme Tianyou brought the Beijing-Zhangjiao railway to the world,It has become the pride of the Chinese people forever;A hundred years later,Jeme's successors have worked tirelessly to build the intelligent Beijing-Zhangjiao high-speed railway,As a supporting project for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,届时,The Beijing-Zhang high-speed railway will not only become an important safe, fast and efficient transport line for the Winter Olympics,It will also solve the traffic bottleneck in northwest Beijing,We will promote the integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region,Zhangjiakou into Beijing's "one-hour life circle"。Spanning a hundred years of history, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway will once again show its strength and inject strong momentum into the railway artery from Beijing to Zhangjiakou。

In the project participation, we feel that we have a great responsibility and dare not relax the slightest。In the end, we also contributed our share to the smooth operation of the Beijing-Zhang intelligent high-speed rail, and handed over a satisfactory answer for the intelligent Beijing-Zhang。Wisdom first and consistent, Zhongrui will continue to bring high quality products and excellent services to customers with our 20 years of experience and professional service capabilities。

Note: Geekpass is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongruite。