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Close to the user empowerment industry - Beijing Zhongrui help Sichuan power industry users digital transformation and upgrading

来源:时间:September 27th, 2023

Recently, Beijing Zhongruite participated in the 2023 Sichuan Power Industry Digital Innovation Seminar。The seminar revolves around"Accelerate digital transformation to help energy and power enterprises develop in high quality"As the theme,Talk about "Digital Development of power Enterprises",Joint Research on "Electric Power Digital Transformation",This paper discusses the enabling function of digital technology and the functions embedded in the production management and operation decision of power system,Promoting the deep integration of digital technology and the power industry,Promote the digital transformation and innovative development of the power industry。To provide concrete and vivid practical cases for the transformation and upgrading of power system and innovative development。

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At the meeting, representatives from the government, enterprises, academia and other parties had in-depth exchanges and discussions on topics such as digital technology innovation, smart grid construction, and energy Internet development。As a digital solution provider in the power industry, Beijing Zhongrui Technology shared the company's experience and achievements in smart grid construction, energy Internet and other aspects, which was highly concerned and recognized by the delegates。

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Liu Yang, technical manager of Beijing Zhongrui Communication Equipment Co., LTD., shared the extreme wisdom fusion system at the seminar。The present situation and future construction target of power industry communication scene are compared.Analysis of pain points in power industry communication scene;Find out the development trend of the power industrySolid and mobile combination, wide and narrow combination, public combination。Combining the digital construction of power industry communication with the fusion communication platform, using the ultra-intelligent fusion system to help the digital transformation of power industry communication。

Digitalization and innovation are the key to the future development of the power industry. Through the sharing of this seminar, power companies, Internet companies and other parties have new thinking and practice in promoting the integration and innovation of digital technology and energy technology, and help better cope with future challenges and opportunities。To "accelerate the construction of manufacturing power, quality power, aerospace power, transportation power, network power, digital China" and help Sichuan power high-quality development。In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the concept of "scientific and technological innovation, serving the society", constantly improve its technical level and service quality, and make greater contributions to promoting the digital transformation and innovative development of the power industry。