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Sinotech and MOTOROLA announce the MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO™R7 digital intercom

来源:时间:July 20, 2022

On July 19, 2022, the "MOTOROLA" co-organized by Beijing Zhongrui Communication Equipment Co., LTD., MOTOROLA Systems (China) Co., LTD.MOTOTRBO™ R7The "Digital walkie-talkie conference" was held online, and the two sides jointly launched the "epoch-making" MOTOROLA MOTOTRBO R7 digital walkie-talkie to the Chinese market。The MOTOTRBO R7 series features disruptive audio capabilities, is rugged and compact, enabling enterprises and institutional employees to communicate smoothly in noisy, harsh and changing environments, while effectively integrating with users' other systems to meet the needs of future development。

MOTOROLA Systems launched the MOTOTRBO R7 based on a 2021 market survey of 3,000 walkie-talkie users in factories, warehouses, ports, large venues and other industries that need to improve efficiency and security through walkie-talkie。


对此,Yuan Haidong, general manager of Beijing Zhongrui Communication Equipment Co., LTD., said, "MOTOTRBO R7 has excellent sound quality, larger screen display and multiple ways to expand applications,On the basis of satisfying voice communication, it can also support rich application expansion,Very suitable for rail transit, ports, airports and other industry users。As the latest generation of MOTOROLA products, R7 can effectively integrate with users' business systems, greatly improving productivity。”

Mr. Chen Yigang, General manager, Channel Business, MOTOROLA Systems (China) Co., LTD., said: "We are very pleased to continue to work with distributors such as Zhongrui and Dyne Rekon to jointly provide Chinese enterprises with high-quality, future-ready products such as MOTOTRBO R7, and work together to open intercom 3.0 New era。”

Compared with previous products, MOTOTRBO R7 will bring a new user experience while ensuring the same solid quality, below we may wish to take a look at it:

Disruptive audio features that allow teams to hear and be heard more clearly the first time

 As far as businesses are concerned, if employees are exposed to the roar of heavy machinery, or in deafening port docks, noisy playgrounds, how can ensuring that teams are heard and heard first when it matters most is critical to efficiency and safety。

The MOTOTRBO R7 features adaptive dual-microphone noise cancellation for disruptive noise cancellation, and automatic acoustic feedback suppression intelligently eliminates feedback from other nearby radios, providing a seamless voice experience in crowded areas。

 At the same time, the R7 also provides excellent loudness so that enterprise teams can hear it in any situation。Its powerful speakers can produce a loud loudness of 102 square 1, more than 10 times louder than a loud conversation;The programmable ultra-loud model gives walkie-talkies and remote speaker microphones a total loudness of 107 square meters, about 10 times louder than a motorcycle at close range。

As always, "rugged", so that the team can stay in touch anytime, anywhere, one touch ready

 The MOTOTRBO R7 series has been tested to military standards for a wide range of demanding environments。例如,IP68 rating means it is dustproof,Can also be soaked in 2 meters of water for 2 hours;The IP66 rating of IEC 60529 means that it can withstand the direct impact of high pressure water flow;The screen has also been hardened,It has impact resistance,Can withstand multiple drops on concrete;Housing materials are designed for the medical industry,Resistant to sterilizers and decontamination substances。

 Powered by a new lithium battery, the MOTOTRBO R7 has excellent battery life and can be automatically calibrated, as well as wirelessly programmed and updated over Wi-Fi to provide customized voice coverage for teams to stay connected anytime, anywhere。

 Powerful, based on collaboration, let the team adapt to the future development needs

 The MOTOTRBO R7 features a stylish and ergonomic form factor that offers more features than ever before, such as 2.4-inch 320 x 240 pixel QVGA display for easy navigation;Front and rear microphones for advanced noise reduction;Oversized panic buttons with optimized ergonomics and more。

 The large display provides an intuitive user experience and navigation display, and the ability to display detailed notifications on the home screen, with less clicking, less scrolling and less navigation designed to keep key information at a glance, helping teams stay informed and productive。

 In addition, the MOTOTRBO R7 integrates safety, security and collaboration into a single workflow, collaborates with video security systems, sensors and more, keeps team productivity and efficiency high, and enables scalable connectivity with the MOTOROLA ecosystem 。



1 square (PHON) is a loudness class unit

2 Capacity Max is a digital cluster system based on the DMR3 protocol

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